Come Back Sept. 1st!

So, What is Goose Day?

This local tradition has been observed in the Juniata River Valley for more than two centuries, carried here by an early local settler. Legend has it that if you eat goose on St. Michaelmas Day, you will never want for money all the year round. Believers of this tradition adhere faithfully to this tradition and eat goose every September 29th, thus ensuring wealth and prosperity for the coming year.
St. Michaelmas Day was first declared a festival by Pope Gelasius in the year AD 487. The feast, which always falls on Sept. 29th, honors Saint Michael the Archangel who led God’s war against evil in the biblical book of Revelation.

Commemorative postmark secured for Goose Day 2021

Send postcards to family and friends to spread the fun

LEWISTOWN— A special commemorative pictorial postmark has been designed by Ryan Cherry to provide a unique souvenir to mark this year’s event. The design, which is available  ONLY on Goose Day at the Lewistown Post Office, is a unique philatelic item featuring a goose graphic and the text Lewistown Station, Lewistown, PA 17044, Sept. 29, 2021.  Stop by the Lewistown Post Office on Sept. 29th and request any of your outgoing mail to be stamped with the Goose Day postmark.

As an added bonus, have the postmark stamped on a Goose Day postcard. The pre-stamped postcards, spotlighting artwork by artist Jessica Miller, can be purchased in-person starting Sept. 1st at East End Coffee Co. in Lewistown, the Crooked Shelf Bookshop in Lewistown, the Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau office in Lewistown, and the Mifflintown Farmer’s Market (Sept. 11) for $5. The Pennsy Station is offering an online postcard purchase option starting Sept. 1st. Visit to order. Once purchased, the buyer can fill out the back of the postcard and return the card to the shop owner. On Goose Day, the postcards will be picked up at each location, taken to the Lewistown Post Office where the postmark will be applied before the postcard is mailed.

2021 Goose Day postcard by Jessica Miller